Education and life-long learning are strong priorities at Black Hills Special Services Cooperative. Students from pre-school age to 21 attend school either in our public school-based classrooms (located in Lead/Deadwood, Spearfish and Sturgis) or in classrooms at our main office or our Pleasant Valley Campus outside of Sturgis. All classrooms are under the instruction of a Special Education Teacher and classroom assistants/direct support professional.

Using our highly effective, visually based curriculum, student’s individual plans are aligned with South Dakota Common Core Standards. Visual strategies are the tools we use for teaching. Visuals are simply things that we can SEE, such as schedules, pictures, symbols, gestures and environmental cues. Students taught with visual strategies understand what is expected of them and can more independently move through their classroom day. When combined with structure, routine, consistency and predictability, visual strategies make it easier for students to learn new skills. Visual strategies help students succeed!