Unique among South Dakota Community Support Providers is our BHSSC medical team.  Each person who chooses our services may opt to have a nurse who can help coordinate health and wellness supports.  People choose health providers in their communities, and individualized health-related supports are provided by BHSSC based on the person’s preferences and needs.  A nurse is on call 24 hours a day.

Other related services include an on-staff speech therapist and occupational therapists.  We contract with a registered dietitian, physical therapists and mental health counselors as needed.

Technology can improve peoples’ lives.  At BHSSC, most of our classrooms are equipped with Smartboards.  We have computers at all sites.  Ipads and other tablets are used in classrooms.  Individually, people have communication devices, smart phones and tablets.  Technological assistance, including adaptive technology, is available through BHSSC’s statewide DakotaLink program.

“Whatever it Takes” is the motto of BHSSC’s transportation department.

In rural areas of South Dakota, lack of public transportation can be a barrier to employment, health care and full community participation. Our team of drivers provides door to door transportation services to school, work, appointments and activities.  In fiscal year 2012-2013 BHSSC vehicles logged over a million and a half miles making sure people got where they needed to go!